Data Lineage Graphs

Architector is designed to draw meaningful and insightful diagrams from lineage metadata. There are several pre-designed views available, including:

  • Data flows between applications (‘systems’)
  • Data flows between data-stores (‘interfaces’)
  • Data flows between processes

The user can specify start and end points for the diagram, and can select to include more or less detail on the diagram, including showing: data elements, issues, controls, organisation units, and parent processes.

It is possible to filter everything out except metadata that is relevant to a particular data element, providing real support to root-cause-analysis and impact analysis.

As well as the pre-designed views, users can design their own views and queries using a graph query language.

Here are some examples of lineage diagrams from Architector:

Component Architecture - Glossary

Architector Components - Data Lineage

Bring your data lineage to life, with Architector!

Case studies:

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