Data Policy & Procedure Workflow

Architector does more than just provide a tool to document data lineage. Architector’s workflow engine also provides tools to define and manage the processes and tasks involved in developing data lineage. In fact, the workflow engine can be used as a general workflow management tool, which the data team can use, or any team can use!

Workflow works like this:

Component Architecture - Glossary

Architector Components - Data Lineage
Architector supports full work-flow requirements for your data team.

Using workflow provides real and quantifiable benefits:

  • Repeatable procedures are executed in a consistent way, leading to more confidence in the procedure, and quicker, more reliable execution
  • Proper management and governance of procedure execution is possible.
  • Because tasks can be related to Policy, policy compliance metrics are generated.
  • Significant time savings when collecting information from across an organization – Architector manages all this: issues requests, stores responses, and tracks completion status.

Get your data procedures under control, with Architector!

Case studies:

Due to the nature of work we undertake, and the types of clients we typically help, we do not post details of case studies online. Please contact us for more details.