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Data problems can occur anywhere, but are often discovered at the end of a data lifecycle, for example when managers are reviewing a monthly report, or a business modeller applies some data quality checks before using the data in his or her business model.If the data is wrong then it will be impacting on the reports, models, and decision systems that use the data. The impact may be narrow or it may be very wide – that depends on where the problem occurs, and on how many processes use the data.

With Architector, you can explore the entire length of data lifecycle, both upstream and downstream of where the issue was discovered. Architector allows you to identify candidate downstream processes and systems that may be impacted, and can even pin-point the exact impact (provided that the data lineage has been documented to the required level detail.)

In the following snippet of lineage, we can see that two issues have been discovered concerning Exposure Amount on the Stress Scenario 1 reports.

A snippet of lineage showing some issues for the data element EXPOSURE AMOUNT

A snippet of lineage showing some issues for the data element EXPOSURE AMOUNT

We can see from the diagram that there are two other reports that also use Exposure Amount, potentially from the same source as the Stress Scenario 1 report. Depending on where the error is, these reports may also be impacted.

To understand if these reports are impacted, we need to trace the problem back in the lineage. The following is a diagram of the full end-to-end data lineage relating to Exposure Amount: (If you click on the image you should be able to read it more easily, although you may need to use your browser’s Zoom function to see it properly)

End-to-end lineage for EXPOSURE AMOUNT

End-to-end lineage for EXPOSURE AMOUNT

In fact, you can trace the lineage all the way back to source, and see that there is a known issue in a feeder spreadsheet that may be causing a problem. If that is the case, then all systems downstream of this spreadsheet may well be impacted. Architector’s interactive data lineage diagrams help you explore this, and identify all the possible impacted areas. This in turn helps you to drive up the quality of data used across your organisation.

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