Definition Factory

We provide a service to clients who wish to outsource the specialist work of creating a business glossary.

Data training

We offer training in the Architector toolset, as well as data definition, data lineage, and data quality profiling

Data People

We can provide on-site data expertise, from junior trained data analysts through to programme managers and senior consultants.







Definition Factory

A business glossary underpins all the work that a data team performs. It is imperative an organisation develops a complete and unambiguous set of business terms to define the data it uses and relies on. Architector Data Tools, the company, provides a service to clients who wish to outsource the work of creating a business glossary. Creating a glossary is a specialist task, requiring a team with expertise not just in the business domain, but ideally also in linguistics, semantics, concept modelling, and first-order logic.

Architector provides this expertise, and can undertake to create a set of definitions and take them through whatever governance is in place to get them approved and accepted across the organisation. Our methodology involves ‘grounding’ a term, which means we provide a definition for all ‘supporting terms’, i.e. terms that are used to define the data, and that also require a bespoke definition. And we put our definitions through a standardised set of definition rules, to ensure a consistently high quality of definition.

Our deliverable includes not only the approved data definitions, but also definitions for the supporting terms, as well as a corresponding data concept model to cover the entire set of definitions.

The service is charged per definition, and the price is dependent on the complexity of the organisation as well as the business domain involved. But an organisation will typically spend a lot less money, and get a better result, by using our service than if they undertook the task themselves.

Data training

Architector offers data training:

  • Using Architector Data Governance Tools (one day online/classroom – up to 10 people, £5,000)
  • Developing and implementing a data lineage repository (one day online/classroom – up to 10 people, £5,000)
  • Developing and implementing a data quality standard (one day online/classroom – up to 10 people, £5,000)
  • Fundamentals of data quality profiling (training delivered in classroom, or in interactive DVD format. Price on application)

Data People

Architector provides data experts, from junior analysts through to senior consultants. Fully trained and able to add value from day 1.

Our consulting services cover architecture, programme management, and analysis services on all aspects of data lineage, data quality, data governance, and data management. Our senior consultants operate at CxO level to help establish data strategy and implementation plans. Our analyst consultants assist specific projects to develop areas of data management, including quality management, lineage management, and data governance. We have extensive experience of working for global financial services companies.

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Case studies:

Due to the nature of work we undertake, and the types of clients we typically help, we do not post details of case studies online. Please contact us for more details.